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Original soundtrack of the feature film Ex-drummer by Koen Mortier

1. Lightning Bolt: 2 Morro Morro Land
2. Madensuyu: Papa Bear
3. An Pierlé & White Velvet: Need You Now
4. The Tritones: Chagrin De La Mer
5. Mogwai: Hunted By A Freak
6. The Experimental Tropic Blues Band: Mexico Dream Blues
7. Flip Kowlier: De Grotste Lul Van't Stad
8. Millionaire: Mongoloid
9. Isis: Grinning Mouths
10. Arno: Een Boeket Met Pissebloemen
11. Augusta National Golf Club: People In Pairs
12. Mel Dune: Time Hangs Heavy On Your Hands
13. Ghinzu: Blow
14. Funeral Dress: Hell From The Underground
15. Millionaire: Deep Fish
16. Blutch: Moving Ground